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PuffTedD: if a girl was

PuffTedD: if a girl was giving you head and she choked on your cum
PuffTedD: would you give her mouth to mouth to revive her?

3 Responses to “PuffTedD: if a girl was”

  • In my First Aid class, we learned to always use one of those plastic face shields when giving mouth to mouth. I think this situation deserves one of those. Though I suppose it depends on WHY she was choking. If it is because she “bit off more than she can chew” (figuratively speaking), then using a face shield would ensure that will NEVER happen again, so it’s sort of a toss up.

    What would Dale Carnegie do? His whole thing is abouut making people like him, so I think he’d be gargling the man-juice.

  • Why Ted? What would make you think of such thing?

  • God, Steve’s comment’s are some of the funniest I’ve read. He actually writes more than the post itself! HAHAH!

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