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grad was great. i am

grad was great. i am now a bachelor of science… yay! i am so glad i didn’t have be outside for grad. it was super super sunny and hot. i took a lot of pictures. which i’ll post later when i get back to irvine. our school (ICS) was much rowdier than the other pathetic schools. the guest speaker was kinda boring and he had jokes that only computer scientists would understand, so that was kinda bad since the physical sciences and education schools were graduating with us. all in all, it was a good ceremony. my family came out in force. i think there were 14-15 people that came out to see me. later at night, we had dinner at panda inn in foothill. it was pretty good. lots of food and even more family came out. we had a whole room to ourselves which was good cause we kept taking pictures. good times. now begins the search for a summer job…

congrats to my homey david for graduating from sb. you are the bombdiggity.

3 Responses to “grad was great. i am”

  • Stanley, congrats on your graduation. I have never been to the Panda Inn on Foothill Blvd. It’s the one near Best Buy right?

    By the way, I graduated from UCSB!! Not SD! All these years…

  • my mistake. d is just b backwards 🙂

  • LOL it’s all good. I was just joshing ya.

    HAHAH! Did you see that! I said “joshing ya”!

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