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This Weekend Quick recap of

This Weekend
Quick recap of this weekend.
1. Drove back on Friday night and was told by two seperate drivers that my tire was flat. DOH. Took a long time to change. Was kind of scary in Hollywood too.
2. Went to Shakas for food and then to Clarissa’s house for Cranium and Season One of Dawson’s Creek.
3. Went to Erotica convention in LA with Ted. Met Vincent, Alan, his brother, Dustin there. Good fun. Ate dinner at home. Went to Afloat Sushi in Old Pasadena for some food and alcohol (I didn’t drink).
4. Went to a Chinese Islamic restaurant with Ted, his dad, and brother. Took a nap. Drove back to SB and encountered many mean drivers on the road. Made good time. Ate okay dinner and watched part of Amelie with my roommate Matt and his girlfriend.

How was your weekend?

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