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VONS SUCKS Comments: I just


Comments: I just returned to my neighborhood Vons. It’s only a little over half a mile away so I shop there regularly.

During checkout the cashier lady asked if I had a Vons card. I told her I didn’t but my roommate did. She asked if I lived close by and I said I lived down the street. (Cross check the store address and my home address, see what you come up with).

I then asked her what the problem was. Did she not want to give me the cashback I requested? She explained that I bought items which included savings that could be had from a Vons card. She then asked me my phone number, apparently to “verify” that I was telling the truth.

I told her the number with area code first. 626-xxx-xxx. OF course this threw her off and knocked her into a state of utter confusion. She of course assumed that 626x was the prefix of the number. If I lived close by how could my area code NOT be *805*? Let’s think…

Eureka! I think I may have it. Could it be….that I, along with MILLIONS of citizens worldwide, have a CELLULAR PHONE? Yes. And I purchased and activated the plan in the Los Angeles area…which would explained this new fangled area code.

I asked if she wanted me to sign up on the spot. She said she would. I then said I don’t want the patrons behind me to have to wait. Upon hearing this, the lady behind me offered her card so I could reap the $1.76 of savings. Lord Have Mercy! And the weekend was only half over! What more joys await me?

I would appreciate it if you could contact the manager of the store and pass along this message to him. I don’t feel that you should question the validity of your customer’s answers. Why would I lie about living close by? Why would I drive 120 miles from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara to shop at a Vons? When I go to Vons to shop I want you to help me find my products, tell me the total and pack my groceries. I don’t need to be grilled even after I offer NOT to take any of the Vons Club savings.

David Vo
Local Customer.

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