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Tourniqett: i just went out

Tourniqett: i just went out with a good friend who invited his own friends to join us who was boring as hell
Tourniqett: lol
Tourniqett: they’re a bit stupid too
Tourniqett: they started bashing people who dress up to conventions
Tourniqett: ie star trek, comic, anime
FizzleMan: yeah how stupid of him
FizzleMan: people who dress up at conventions are the COOLEST
Tourniqett: “people who do that need to get a life! Its so retarded to see 40 year olds walking around wearing costumes.. oh grow up! blah blah”
Tourniqett: i got so pissed off i had to bite my tongue
Tourniqett: i thought it wasn’t a good idea to chew them out
Tourniqett: since i just met them today
FizzleMan: yeah boy, what are they thinking
FizzleMan: you should have chewed them out

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