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Since nobody is posting anymore,

Since nobody is posting anymore, I am going to start again. It’s been dry here in blog land but I am going to try to make some effort to share with you wonderful fans, my life, again.

Today was a typical day at work. Tested for bugs, verified bug fixes, had fun, was bored. Then for lunch we went to Bangkok Palace. It’s a mediocre to good Thai restaurant. Lunch specials make the meal quite affordable. I had yellow curry and Thai iced tea. Yummy.

Then, I left work and picked up my X-Box. I helped my roommate’s girlfriend get Photoshop set up. Then I went back to work. My coworkers and I have to work late tonight so we all went to dinner together. After we played Hunter the Reckoning. We used the big conference room with a projector and comfortable leather chairs. Yummy. It’s a pretty tough game though and we did not get too far.

Then it was 10 PM. That’s when update commences so I came home.

I am looking forward to tomorrow because it’s Friday. That’s my favorite day!

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