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AstralFX: FizzleMan: lol AstralFX:

FizzleMan: lol
AstralFX: jsbcannell: and then he’ll go for president
jsbcannell: that would be truly funny to have the terminator as president
AstralFX: we’ll he’s not allowed to do that
jsbcannell: why not?
jsbcannell: was he born in austria?

5 Responses to “AstralFX: FizzleMan: lol AstralFX:”

  • remember demolition man?! it’s coming true!!!

  • OH snap! it is. they are gonna change the law cuz so he can be president. Looks like we better invest in Taco Bell.

  • I don’t remember what happened in Demolition Man. Can someone please help me?

  • They freeze their criminals and are afraid to touch each other. They don’t have toilet paper. However, what Stan and I were reffering to was that there was a President Schwarzenegger Library. Also all resturants are Taco Bell, since they alone survived intense resturant competition wars.

  • Damnit Tiddy. I know what happens in the movie. I just didn’t remember the library part.

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