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ok, i’m gonna try to

ok, i’m gonna try to get things going again too. it’s kinda sad seeing no one but sygyzy post anything. ok, here goes:

i woke up late today. just barely in time to get to work on time. i’m working for interplay again fyi. only for the summer though, and i’ll be done in a little more than a week. it’s all good. got some much needed spending money and got up-to-date w/ some of my old friends there. anyways, it was a kinda long day. lunch was really fun though. we went to this good japanese place called sagami’s. had some terriaki chicken. my friends and i talked about this new xtreme sport my friend thought up, but i came home and i discovered people were already doing it 🙁 oh well, we’ll figure something out 🙂 afterwards, we came back and worked and worked some more. even though it’s been great fun, i think i’ll be happy to be done. i’m gonna have almost a whole month free before ucla starts up. yay! i’ll have to figure out what i’m gonna do w/ all that time.

after work i came home and played some mafia. good game, great story, crappy driving.

hehe, i tested the gamecube version of hunter the reckoning last year. it’s true, it’s a damned hard game in multiplayer. it’s nearly impossibly on the nightmare difficulty unless you have hours and hours on hand.

thank goodness it’s friday tomorrow cause i don’t want to work another day 🙂

ok tiddy! it’s your turn! post!

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  • We were joking that we don’t know how Hunter got past QA. I mean seriously. The VERY first boss (actually on the second level since the first level does not have a boss), takes 40 minutes to beat with two people. And no, we are not slow. You literally have to keep the same pattern of running and shooting. There is no way to speed it up. No special techniques.

    I mean if I was a 10 year old kid and my dad gave me this for Christmas, I’d be seriously pissed.

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