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This weekend was a lot

This weekend was a lot of fun. On Saturday, I didn’t do much until mid afternoon. I woke up and found that CrapUSA had some really fancy speakers on sale for $40. So I drove there and was expecting a fight because I heard alot of other people had problems. So I found they had not one but three sets left. I grabbed one and hightailed to the cashier. She was ringing me up when I asked her if I could come back and do a price adjustment because the next day (today, Sunday ) there would be a 25% off coupon on computer speakers. She talked to her manager and she came back and said yes. She rang me up $39.99 and I left. Easy as pie. I was quite surprised.

Then my friends from Orange County, Steve and Macy, came up. They took showers and we watched tv for a bit. Then we drove downtown to the Palace. There we met two girls (Macy’s friend from college and her sister), and then later on Macy’s little sister, mom, and grandma showed up. We waited in line for at least 1.5 hours. It was a very long time. When we finally got a seat, they put 8 on a table meant for 4. I thought it’d be impossible to pull off but it worked just fine. We had 3 sampler platters and Mimi (the grandma) got pumpkin pecan pie and crabcakes. We had great conversation and it was fun watching Steve and Jackie (Macy’s sister) horse around. The meal ended with Macy’s awesome mom paying for the meal!!! That’s like $35 saved right there!

Then we walked to the corner and talked for at least half an hour. I was getting really tired at this point and needed to pee but I didn’t want to interrupt so I just sat there and listened. Then we came home and Macy went to sleep right away. He was really tired I guess. Steve and I talked and amazingly my roommate Matt came home. I was expecting him to spend the night clubbing but alas, he did not. Oh well.

Today, Sunday, we packed up some gear and went up the 154 into the forest. We met my coworker Matt and his friend Taylor up there and had some fun shooting. Afterward we went downtown to a great Mexican restaurant. The food was good but I think too pricey. I won’t be going there regularly. There were a handful of cute girls there so that made for some good eye candy. Then I came home and showered and took a quick nap. Then now Matt and Kelly are cooking stirfry. Yah! Dinner for me!

What did you guys do?

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