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didn’t really do much this

didn’t really do much this weekend. after work on friday, i had to head home to get my bro food. basically relaxed and played w/ scooter (my new dog fyi) for most of the night. saturday, i woke up early to take my dog to the vet to get his next set of shots. on the way back, my brother and i picked up his gf so that they could hang out. (what a great bro i am) i got us some shakas for lunch and i spent most of the rest of the day just relaxin in front of the tv. sunday i stayed off the road in the morning cause my bro was learning how to drive. shortly after, i drove home where i played some mafia, watched some tv, and chatted w/ friends online. not a very exciting weekend. totally cool though cause i’ve been going out w/ friends every weekend for the last month or so. it’s nice to not have to do anything hehe. hopefully next weekend, the girl i’ve been hitting on will FINALLY go out w/ me. i’ll have to juggle my time a bit though cause i’ll be moving back to LA that same weekend… oh well, i’ll figure something out 🙂

till tomorrow

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