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I already told Prezentz this

I already told Prezentz this but I’ll recap for the rest of the people.

Today was interesting. I worked, then had lunch at Gina’s. My friend Prakash and I shared a Chicekn Palermo pizza and some garlic bread. Oh yes, before that we went to CompUSA so I could get a price adjustment on my speakers. I got such a great deal on them. Prakash tried to get some bu they were, expectedly, sold out.

Then after lunch we had a developer meeting where they talked about our new product. Exciting stuff. They tried to demo it but the other user couldn’t hear the instructions too well. All worked out out at the end. Then I worked a bit and then Prakash and I went downtown to Autozone. He needed a gas cap and I needed a wiper blade refill. Both of us left empty handed. I was very low on gas and decided to wing it, so I went all the way back to the Shell by my house. I ended up with 0.08 gallons left. That’s just INSANE! I hope that never happens again.

After work, Prakash and I went downtown to Copeland’s Sports. I got a pair of nice Tevas. They are for my rafting trip tomorrow. Then we had dinner at Spice Avenue. It is an Indian restaurant. We had the buffet and mango lasee (yougurt drink). Our waitress (KB?) was really cute. YUMMY.

Then we went to the Nissan dealer where Prakash test drove a 2003 Altima. It’s a pretty good ride. Reminds me of Camry and Accord. The salesperson was a new guy. Not really that good. Before we left, he handed Prakash a total change in the deal. Like dropped 1000’s of dollars. It was rediculous!

That’s it. River rafting and camping next two days.

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