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Today, Pete Sampras is going

Today, Pete Sampras is going to announce his retirement at the U.S Open tonight. You can find all sorts of information about this on all the major news websites, but I just wanted to take the time to bring attention to how truly great a player he was. He definitely made the game better in every regard.

Sampras has been the same reserved and methodical player throughout his
career, no matter how many tournaments he won or records he set. Which
achievement will stand longest? His record 14 Grand Slam titles? His seven
Wimbledon titles? His six straight years as the year-end No. 1 player in the
world? It’s the latter that Sampras might be proudest of, because it
bespeaks an entire philosophy of the game, tennis as ethic. He wasn’t just
great, he was dependably great. He never tanked, never ducked a commitment
and struck every ball with serious intent. His work habits were equal to his

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