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wtf guys? what happened? where’re

wtf guys? what happened? where’re the posts?

i’ve been super busy lately. i finished up my last week of work and i spent ALL weekend moving back home. lots of heavy lifting for me.

went out w/ that girl i mentioned in an earlier post on saturday. just something super casual. we’ve only actually met in person once before. i met her at downtown disney where we got some haggen daz and caught a movie. it was pretty fun. hard to tell if she’s interested in me though. sigh. maybe i should just come out and tell her i’m interested in her. anyways…

today, i got to hang out w/ David. we grabbed some lunch at islands and then headed to best buy and circuit city where we both bought a bunch of dvds. (he bought many more than me). after getting back home, i took a long ass nap and just chilled for the rest of the day.

all in all a great weekend. what did you guys do?

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