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Jungdew: i’m not trying to

Jungdew: i’m not trying to be cute, david… just stating the facts
FizzleMan: that’s why it’s so cute
FizzleMan: what are you studying?
FizzleMan: maybe i can help
Jungdew: immunology
Jungdew: src kinases & how they initiate the signal transduction for our immune system
FizzleMan: one of my favorite subjects
Jungdew: why is that?
FizzleMan: i think src kinases are interesting in regards to lypmhoid cell development
Jungdew: why is that interesting? most people don’t feel that way
FizzleMan: you are probably learninga bout how the loss of Lck (a family of src kinases) results in impaired T cell (immune) development
Jungdew: haha… nice try, david, but no
FizzleMan: the question is: how does the loss of the other family, Fyn, affect the immue system/
FizzleMan: ?
Jungdew: where are you digging up this stuff from?
FizzleMan: what are you talking about?
FizzleMan: i took bio in highschool

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