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ThaiUnTouchable: so how are u

ThaiUnTouchable: so how are u still going into the market with the people stroking outside

2 Responses to “ThaiUnTouchable: so how are u”

  • Well Thai, I’ll tell you, it’s not easy. I get sort of embarrassed near those stroking markets, but I have found that it is much easier to “do my thing” if I wear some big sunglasses and a fake mustache. Though this one time I went into a strokemart, and I recognized this girl I knew from years ago, and she asked me the same question, but I caught her with a bottle of lube in her hand, so it was all good. But then she said it was for the strokers outside. See, I guess they stopped getting free lube when they cut off the medical plan, so it was an act of charity on her part.

  • LMAO once again. Steve saves the day once again with a creative post! Have fun at the Zipper Factory bro.

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