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Prez 2032: she asked for

Prez 2032: she asked for a blanket and I got one, and put it over us. a few minutes later, she casually adjusted the way she was sitting so that her knee was resting on my thigh
Prez 2032: very casually. but it was deliberate, not like put it there and move a few seconds later
FizzleMan: man she is pretty smooth
Prez 2032: yeah
FizzleMan: because if it didnt go well she could pass it off
Prez 2032: exactly
FizzleMan: like “uh what are you talking about? i was just getting comfortable”
FizzleMan: i have a casual move like that
Prez 2032: well I ust looked at her and smiled
FizzleMan: i casually try to unhook their bra
Prez 2032: with your dick?
FizzleMan: LMAO!!!!

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