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A Week in the Life

A Week in the Life of Stan

It’s been a long long extended week. Got sick last friday (Halloween). Was out all of Saturday and most of Sunday. Problem was I had midterms on Monday and Tuesday. Not good. Studied as much as I could Sunday and took a very strong pain killer. Woke up Monday feelin pretty good. Pain killer did it’s job. Took the midterm and then started studying for next midterm. (didn’t go to practice cause it was raining). Studied all through the night and took the next midterm. This one was pretty hard. Afterwards, I just drove home and slept. Next day was kinda ok. Went to classes then to archery practice with Lynn. Then, I had an information session with the CIA which I was 1/2 an hour late for (stupid traffic). Got home and had to do a stupid take home midterm which was hard as hell. Spent most of the night on it. Thursday was kinda tough (since I had had so little sleep). Went to class to turn in my midterm. Then it was off to CIA interview. Lady who I interviewed with was kinda scary. Nice, but scary… Ted knows what I mean. After that I had to go back to school for my last class. Totally fell asleep in it even though I wanted to hear what was being said. Combination of boring speaker and extreme tiredness did me in. Friday was cool. School schedule got back to normal. This brings us up to today. Now, I’m busy preparing for my archery tournament this Saturday. Should be pretty cool. Most of the people who are competing are first timers and the comp doens’t really mean anything in terms of ranking. So no pressure to do good. I am looking forward to it. I’ll fill you guys in on the results next week. Peace yo.

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