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I haven’t posted in a

I haven’t posted in a while so I will now.

First of all, Mandy Moore is on the Late Late Show right now and she’s so gorgeous! Absolutely stunning.

Last week I got sick. A cold I guess. Stuff nose, sore throat, high temps, headache. So I worked half a day and then left. That gave me a chance to run some errands and take a nap.

Fast forward to this week. I got better. Then today I got worse. My sore throat came back and now I have a cough too.

Most of the department left early today for Thanksgiving. I left a little early since I had to do a Live update last night. That gave me some bonus hours I had to clear out. I had a decent workout today but for some reason the cardio didn’t really make me sweat. I don’t know why? Maybe I was dehydrated.

Drive back today was quick. No real road rage or traffic. That’s good. I came home to find my diploma had arrived. It’s very nice. Well actually only as nice as every other diploma you’ve seen.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Lunch was cancelled. That sucks. So does anyone have any turkey dinners they want to invite me to? Seriously…

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