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Hi guys, my name is

Hi guys, my name is Steve Napolitano. I’ve known David for about two years now, mostly through AIM, but we talk a lot that way. I read the blog pretty frequently, and think that maybe I could contribute a small something from time to time.

A little about me: I live in Anaheim, and graduated from Chapman University in May. I own a tutoring company, and am applying to law schools this fall. I love playing poker online, analyzing videogames (David tells me that I like talking about them more than playing them), writing stories, talking endlessly about the girls that haunt my life, hiking, guns, reading, watching good movies, and playing airsoft. I know a little something about computers, but probably nothing compared to you guys. You will find it impossible to offend me, and if I do it to you, I probably didn’t mean to. Probably.

I guess that’s it, so I will give a summary of my day. I woke up, and went down to the grand opening of an airsoft shop in Orange. Some friends own it, and I may be getting a part-time job there soon. I know I’ll be hanging there anyways, so I might as well get paid. The owners even said they don’t care if the employees drink beer. It was a bit disconcerting to see 8 year olds waving around replicas of firearms with absolutely no concern for gun safety or discipline whatsoever. Counterstrike alone is driving the store’s sales through the roof, but they have a lot of education to do in the store too.

After that I went home, where my dad’s continuing battle with his addiction to PGA Tour 2004 was raging. I only have 3 Xbox controllers now due to an earlier violent incident involving a missed putt and a taunting Canadian announcer. We played a match, and he beat me by ONE stroke. Faced with the prospect of being beaten at a videogame by my dad, I resorted to a tactic well known to all of us: excuses. I was playing a new character, but my dad’s character had buffed up stats. That right there was enough to help my pride.

After that sad, sad incident, this girl I know named Jackie came over. She and I are training for the LA Marathon in March. She has quite a bit less training to go than I do. She suggested we go running tonight, and man, she absolutely kicked my ass (and looked good doing it too.) We did 4.3 miles, about a third of it uphill, and she just kept running. There really is no excuse for my performance except suckiness. Well, we’re supposed to be doing the same thing tomorrow, so maybe I will get better at some point.

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