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Ok, so who has Railroad

Ok, so who has Railroad Tycoon 3? It’s like battlefield 1942 with dollars instead of bullets.

5 Responses to “Ok, so who has Railroad”

  • When did this come out? I haven’t played it but I cannot see how it is anything like BF1942.

  • Came out a month ago. Gameplay is nothing like BF1942, but metaphorically it is ruthless war, as is BF1942.

    Anyone who disagrees has not had their company bought out from under them due to some sneaky bastard manipulating the stock market. All that is missing is a way to “accidentally” make your trains fall off a bridge to collect the insurance money so you can buy Mr. Bastard’s company when he least expects it!

    I am serious though, it is a killer game and girls seem to like it for some reason.

  • Girls like it because it’s easy. Just like they like Rollercoaster Tycoon and the Sims. I am going to have to get it. It sounds fun indeed. Now if I only knew where to find it. EB perhaps? Geez, I hope I can afford it.

  • Yes, and I like girls because they are easy. As you can see, a vicious circle.

    And as for “affording” it? RIGHT. Like Blackbeard had to worry about “affording” a new ship.

  • What are you trying to imply here Steve?!? The evil side of my brain does not know the depths of which you speak. Now to find a store that sells this game….

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