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A First in a Series:

A First in a Series: Jack Stone, Stockbroker (Part 1)

Instructions: Each person can post a continuation of the story, anytime they wish. Please be respectful to what has already been established and posted. That is, don’t do anything dumb like have the character suddenly get buttraped while he is having coffee at Starbucks. You can take the story any direction you want. Have comedic scenes, murder-death-kill. It’s all good. Also, please read all the previous entries so you don’t end up going backwards. If it has been established he is allergic to cereal, don’t make him eating it for breakfast. With that established, let’s start:

It was 5:50 AM. I knew because I could hear the squeaky wheel of Chuck, the paperboy, as he rode pass delivering the Wall Street Journal. I don’t know why I agreed to have it delivered to my home when there are dozens of copies at my firm. I have been awake all night. I am not sure why. Maybe it’s a mid-mid-life crisis. At 25, I am not sure if this is really what I want to do with the rest of my life. Selling stocks, handling people’s money. It’s a little too stressfully, all that responsibility. And the lies! Oh the lies. I would have to hop on the train in an hour. I still need to shower and get ready. Luckily, I’ll only need 25 minutes for that; unlike some of the metrosexual bastards in my office. I go insane when they talk about their morning routine and all their skin care products.

Interestingly, despite having no sleep, I am not very tired. For a Sunday, yesterday was incredibly exciting. I thought it was going to be a typical day when I took my 3 year German Sheppard Rocco to Central Park for a walk. Nobody could have predicted what would transpire next…

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