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Jack Stone, Stockbroker (Part 2)

Jack Stone, Stockbroker (Part 2)
I stood on a hill, overlooking the rest of the park. Rocco was off watering a tree as I flew my red kite against the azure sky. My box kite was given to me years ago as part of a newspaper promotion. The eight inch black letters on the side said, “Read Barron’s” but I had partially obscured some of the letters, so that I had an exclusive “Red Baron” flag.

There was no snow in the ground, but it would not be long in coming. I could feel the cool downdrafts tugging playfully at my kite as Rocco came and sat at my feet, tongue panting despite the chill. When I fly kites, it is as if the kite is an extension of my mind, soaring among the clouds. Freed from the hold of the earth, I allow myself to dream and to imagine what the world may hold for me. I am beginning to feel as if my daily life is but a dream, and that my dreams hold more of the key to reality. Though without a kite in my hands, I usually think that maybe I am just full of shit. The answer probably lays somewhere in between.

I heard the sound of shuffling feet behind me. In today’s business climate, it’s probably a Barron’s representative coming to serve me with a lawsuit for diluting their copyright. But no, I see that it is a girl several years younger than me. She is walking what appears to be a turtle. A giant turtle that looks remarkably like the giant tortoise from the zoo. “I like your dog,” she says.

I turned to face the woman. She is wearing a red sweater and jeans, and has hiking boots on. I wouldn’t imagine that walking a tortoise, especially one the size of my toilet, would require much hiking. “He likes you,” I said. I nudged Rocco with my foot and he made a path for the woman.

Rocco immediately nuzzled his large muzzle into the woman’s crotch. She laughed, cupped his jaws, and said, “Did you train him to do that?”

“Well, as Horatio Alger once said, Men and dogs share the same dreams. Only dogs dare act on them,” I said. I turned my back on the woman and continued to fly the kite. I figured that anyone who had a turtle for a pet would understand the importance of patience.

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