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W-I-L-D Day! What a day

W-I-L-D Day!
What a day indeed.

First off, thanks Stanley for compiling the story for us. That will help readers for sure. The next writer is you.

At work today, our CEO sent an email inviting us all to a company meeting to discuss some new company news that was supposed to be very excited. All of us joked it’s probably him gloating about all his money from his recent lawsuit or maybe we closed a large GoToMyPC deal. 10 minutes later, he sent out the announcement email prematurely. It turns out that we were acquired by Citrix. I still have mixed feelings about it but so far it seems that everything about it is going to be positive.

The stock exchange slash vesting is very unique. I think it’s a safe bet to say there are going to be plenty of new cars in the lots this coming year.

Tonight I am playing poker with some friends. That should be fun as well. Tomorrow, my ram and wireless bridge should arrive. New toys for the weekend!

Finally, I found out from my friend’s site that the 8 Minute Mario Video is a FAKE!

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