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Christmas in Review Tuesday –

Christmas in Review

Tuesday – I drove home after work. Got there earlier than anticipated. Called
Ted and we went to the Hat. We split a pastrami sandwhich. Took it back to my place and watched some late night television. Good times.

Wednesday (Christmas Eve) – Man. I don’t remember what I did this day. I do remember going to midnigh mass at St. Stephen’s with my family.

Thursday (Christmas Day) – Had lunch with Stanley at IHOP. We went to Marie Calendar’s at first, but they were closed. In the afternoon I dropped by Clarissa’s house to give her her present. She gave me mine as well. I stayed for a bit and watched Care Bear movies with her and her sisters. Nice. Later that day I went to see 21 Grams with Eduardo. Ed didn’t like it much. I thought it was good but not great. Very random timeline. Takes you a while to understand what is going on.

Friday (Day After Christmas) – My roomate Mike picked me up. We went to the Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills. Garlic = Yummy. Later that night Ronald was supposed to take Ed and I to dinner for Christmas. Well that all changed. After I came back, Steph called me and wanted to drop off my present. Well I couldn’t just let her get away with just seeing me for a few minutes. So she invited me to Best Buy with her and Claire. That was interesting indeed. Then she dropped me off. A few hours later, Ronald picked me up and I went to his place to play ESPN NHL Hockey on my X-Box. He beat me and was gloating about it all night! That night, we met up with FBT at Steph’s house and we all went to Old Town Pasadena to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. Unfortunately, the wait was 2 hours! So we walked down the street to this sushi place that Steph’s sister recommended. It was pretty good!

SaturdayIrene, Ted, and I went to BJ’s Restaurant. I had some of their house rootbeer. Not that good! Afterward, we went back to my place and then to Tak Shing Hong, this really popular Chinese herbal market type place. As we were walking back to my house, my friend Prakash calls me on my cell as he is pulling up. He parks, Ted and Irene leave, and then we go to Soda Jerks in Pasadena. We had chili cheese fries and rootbeer floats. Yummy! We also had a very good conversation about my needed more balls. Tis so true. That evening, Clarissa, Ted, Edward, Ryan and I went to, I *think*, Culver City to see some lights. Then we went to Beverly Hills. We eventually ended up at a nice coffeeshop called the Urth Caffe. Yes, I spelled that right! They had a nice fireplace inside that kept us warm. Everyone had coffee and some had some sort of dessert.

Sunday – I went to church. Then I went to lunch with Ed and Clarissa. Then I dropped Ed off and went to Clarissa’s house to watch the Trans-Siberian Orchestra DVD. It was pretty good. While watching, we played Monopoly: The Dot Com Edition with her sisters. I think Lauren really enjoyed it. How nice it must be to be so young and so easily pleased. I left around 6:30 because it seemed like the Woo’s were getting hungry and needed to eat dinner. I went home, threw stuff in my car, and made my way back up to SB.

How was you Christmas?

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