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clarkmatthew (The Organizer)

clarkmatthew (The Organizer) The owner doesn’t think we can drink this much alcohol… ha ha ha:)
nick (+ 4 guests) Michelle and I will be there! Also, Jason Inouye, Alex Sheldon, and Sarah Vesey will be joining me.
griswoldo bring on 2004! woop
williamc1974 (+ 1 guests) noodge
Lee Atherton (+ 7 guests) I can’t miss another chance to drink :).
davidv (+ 3 guests) I’m in! Hey Ladies, ever see what 120 words per minute can do to a woman’s c&%#! Baz-ing!
nrebong (+ 1 guests) Let the festivities commence!
atripp (+ 1 guests) You people are seriously cocky–can’t wait to witness the truth in advertising–that especially goes for you, DavidV, and your 120 words a minute–not on me, but I’ll be happy to watch.

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