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long day today. class

long day today. class at 10 again. after class i took lynn to the airport so she could go visit her bf… had a sandwich & gatorade for lunch and went to woodley for some practice. they were shooting some kinda show in the park. i think it was one of the forensic dramas cause i saw a chick that seemed familiar. i forget which show and i don’t remember the chick’s name…. how helpful i am! i wasn’t really paying attention though. they made me wait while they finished shooting a scene and then let me through the set to the range’s parking lot. did really well today. one of my best days of shooting ever! i shot the hell outta the middle of my target. shot for about 2.5 hours and then sat through traffic all the way back home.

when i got home i took a long ass nap, ate when i woke up, and chatted w/ people. tomorrow, i gotta figure out when i should go practice and how i’m going to pick up a package from ups. i am trying my best to avoid traffic…

anyways, that’s all for today. peace!

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