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So what a horrible 24

So what a horrible 24 hours it’s been for me. First, my roommate had me click on a link and an hour later it turns out my Yahoo account was stolen. I could care less except for all the personal information and credit cards associated with it. I have to decide whether or not to call my credit card companies up to tell me. It’s not that cut and dry. There are pending charges that need to clear plus I am not too sure if the thieves could actually use my cards (only last four digits are stored).

Next, I tried copying my old hard drive to my new one and have had nothing but problems. What a pain in the ass. It takes about an hour each time and something always seems to mess up. It’s the worst. I don’t know what to do. I hate that Windows XP is a little too smart when trying to manage disks. Or maybe, I am a little too dumb.

Finally, I had a talk with someone and left devasted and confused more than ever.

I think I might go shooting this weekend. That might help with my venting.

Peace out.

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