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alrighty, what did i do

alrighty, what did i do today? well, i woke up pretty early. 10ish? and went to practice at woodley. had yet another day of good shooting. i’ve decided that i’m going to go to the tournament in vegas this year. it’s february 20-22 and it is the biggest archery tournament of the year in terms of money. it’s real easy for the big winner (championship division compound) to walk away with around 100,000 bucks in prize and endorsement money. i might actually be able to win some money if last year is any indication of how it’ll turn out this year.

you know, archery is a real good sport for me. it requires a lot of patience, dedication, and it’s just damned fun. i like to think of myself as having a lot of patience, but sometimes i just can’t contain my frustration without it affecting me. in archery, you can’t let your frustration dictate what you do. it only makes things worse. you can’t pull harder in frustration and expect it to help your shot. you have to calm down, concentrate on the important things (like your form), and forget about what happened in the past. it’s actually quite relaxing and cool.

i’m trying to figure out whether i can make it to olympic trials in june, but it’s RIGHT during finals week of spring quarter… hopefully, i can get classes that won’t have finals. that’ll be really hard, but i guess it can be done. we’ll see though. it would be awesome if i could go and then i made the olympics.

after practice i went back home. finally got the copies of links 2004 and top spin for xbox that i ordered a while ago. i’ve only played top spin so far. the load times are horrendously long, but it’s a pretty fun game. i chatted and played video games most of the night and now i’m about to go catch some z’s so i can go shoot again tomorrow. peace!

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