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didn’t do anything extra special

didn’t do anything extra special fun on my day off. just the usual fun stuff ;). woke up, went to the post office to get something postmarked, but they weren’t open! how was i supposed to know all the government employees got the day off?

after that i headed over to baldwin park to pick up a package from officemax (i got a 120gb hd for my xbox ). if i didn’t pick it up either today or tomorrow, they were going to send it back to officemax. since, i didn’t have the time tomorrow, today got to be drive-to-UPS day. after picking up my package, i stopped by a taco bell/pizza hut and got me a mini pepperoni pizza for lunch.

once i was nice and full i had an extra hour before practice. i wanted to talk about a bunch of stuff w/ the coach so i figured i wasn’t going to get much practice at the real practice. with that in mind, i drove all the way to woodley park near ucla and practiced a little there. then, i went to real practice. didn’t shoot that well today, my scores are sliding a little bit. on the bright side, i DID shoot my first end of 30 points (bullseye, bullseye, bullseye) today.

between shooting, i talked w/ coach nikki for a while. we were trying to figure out a whole bunch of complicated issues (what kind of equipment i need/should get, what i wanted to buy, tournament stuff, fund raising stuff, team clothing problems, etc.). we talked till after dinner (in-n-out). i think we got a lot of the stuff sorted out and had plans of action on getting the other stuff all resolved.

after i got home i played some xbox, watched a bit of tv, and read my tuning guide so i know how to tune my bow. pretty good day if you ask me.

peace and love

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