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RE: Why do fat girls

RE: Why do fat girls wear tight clothes?

Quote by NutBucket – “Its a cruel joke that the fat chicks have all the self-confidence and the hot ones don’t. On the other hand, most guys would never have a chance with the hot ones if they had self confidence.”

2 Responses to “RE: Why do fat girls”

  • I disagree with that statement. Fat girls don’t have more self confidence than the hot ones. (Though admittedly we as men should do our best to lower the confidence of any hot women we encounter. Standing orders in the army of the Y chromosome.)

    Fat girls wear tight clothes not because they are confident and see themselves as sexy but rather because they are FAT and will spill out of any clothes made. They probably buy a size too small to begin with, and since all clothes made for girls now are skank clothes (YES!) the rolls just peek out and say hi. An occasional walking reptile will hit on them, and they suddenly get the idea that, “Hey, i guess it’s kinda cute to have rolls spilling about my midsection!” Well, it’s not. However, seeing as my request for a new Constitutional Amendment has been denied, these girls are going to continue to wear clothes that don’t fit, at least until the corset comes back into town. I certainly don’t think a mandatory corset and bustle lesson would hurt some of the girls you can see on the beach in the summer.

  • That was just one except from an interesting debate I read. I mean there are so many theories, each as valid and interesting as the next. I would agree with yours. But I agree with others as well.

    In the meantime, we’ll have to do our best to deal with this. Muhahah.

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