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‘yesterday,’ i went to

‘yesterday,’ i went to sleep at 4 am cause i was working on a proposal. this morning, i woke up at 7 so i could get to school on time. arg.

suffered through class then went to lunch. suffered through another class and it was time for archery practice. there was a real good turnout today. lots of newbs for some reason. i say ‘for some reason’ because the archery rec class started like a couple weeks ago. where the hell were they then? oh wells, glad they’re there. spent the first 15 min or so replacing my arrow rest. after that, i started shooting. i did pretty good today. i added another step in my shooting process and was doing well. so some combination of that and me replacing my rest fixed my accuracy problem. i think. we’ll see though.

after practice, mary, nikki, and i went to BJ’s for dinner. we all shared a chili cheese fries appetizer and were already full by the time we finished it. nikki wasn’t feeling well and didn’t have any of the pizza she ordered. mary and i finished about 1/2 our entrees. none of us had dessert even though we were planning on having some pizookie. oh wellz, next time (probably next week =P).

the drive home was AMAZINGLY fast. barely had to slow down at all. it was like no one was in LA today. the crowd in westwood was almost non-existant and the traffic on the freeway was really sparse. strange. i wish it was always like that…

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