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So a couple of weeks

So a couple of weeks ago I went to Ralph’s to buy something and a bagger girl there caught my eye. First she had a really interesting name. Then I noticed she was nicer than any other employee at Ralph’s. She told each customer to have a good evening as they left. Totally expected you’d think, but good customer service is rare these days. And finally, she was real cute. Not hot but definitely cute.

I saw her another time a few days later.

Then last week, I went with Michelle to Ralph’s to get cheesecake. She was craving it real bad. Guess who our bagger was again? Yes. Cute girl. I heard her tell the customer in front of me that it was a Hawaiian name. Made perfect sense when I heard that. She then said I was her favorite customer because I bought cheesecake and it looked so good.

So tonight, Nick and Michelle’s friends come down from the Bay Area and we all go out to dinner in the same plaza as Ralph’s. Toward the end of our Mexican meal somehow the topic of my Ralphs girl comes up. Michelle was telling everyone what happened the last time we went. Then Nick started giving me grief about not asking her out. I gave a bunch of excuses then finally admitted I had no balls. That made him stop. Then everyone started talking at once about how I should ask her out. At that moment, Michelle leans over to me with eyes bulging and says “It’s her!”. I didn’t hear her the first time but 30 seconds later she points and sure enough. My Hawaiian Ralph’s Bagger Girl comes in and orders some food.

What a good evening.

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