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Today I received three packages

Today I received three packages at work. I was quite excited. First I got my new G-Shock GW-700RBJ, then I got a set of 12 AA NiMH and 12 AAA NiMH batteries. They should last quite a while. Lastly I got a package from New Mexico. I always order amp parts from a guy nicknamed Tangent. I always thought he hated me as his answers to my questions sometimes came off as if he was upset or yelling at me. Well I didn’t remember ordering anything from him and the box was way too big and heavy to be the MINT PCB’s I normally get. So I open it up to find a multimeter! He sent me a multimeter! How cool is that? I posted a message once that said something like “I cannot test the DC jack because I don’t have a multimeter.” On a Post-It, he wrote “Hint: DC Jack”. Talk about shocked!

Posted up some new event pictures.

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