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Mother’s Day Weekend Friday –

Mother’s Day Weekend
Friday – I went home from work and Robin followed me. I was to mod his X-Box. The process was not as quick as Shadi’s, took about 30 minutes total. I felt like an ass rushing him out the door but I had to pack. Nick’s dad came and brought Max, a cute little white dog. I am not sure what breed. I was running around like a madman trying to get home in time to hang out with FBT. I burned a DVD for Nick, told Alex I couldn’t make it to dinner, and rushed out the door. I made good time. On the road, I got a call from Steph. She asked me if I was close and when I told her I wasn’t, so just go to dinner without me. When I got home, I immediately called them. Turns out that they still hadn’t eaten dinner and decided to eat near the Beverly Center. Scratch hanging out for that night.

Saturday – Woke up and got a haircut. Then I went with Clarissa to Larchmount (sp?) Plaza. It’s a neat little street in West(?) LA. It reminded me of State Street except alot less crowded and only 2 blocks instead of like 10. We had chocolates and Jamba Juice. Get this, the Jamba Juice was operated by Asians. I still get a big kick when I see Asians running American franchises. When’s the last time you saw an Asian owned Krispy Kreme or something?

I played phonetag with Ronald and Irene all afternoon. After, we went to get greeting cards. Then a quick stop at Claire’s house. Then we went to pickup Irene and off to Tokyo Lobby for Joyce’s surprise birthday dinner.

We got there early or on time, I forgot. Anyway, nobody was there. Everyone slowly started showing up some 45 minutes later. It was horrible. While we were waiting, Irene wanted to check out the yogurt and meat section in Albertsons. My kind of girl. While purusing the cuts of beef, Irene shrieks “Hey! I know you! You were in my spanish class”

I looked up, curious. Sure enough was this guy wearing an ARMY shirt that I recognized. So for the next 10 minutes, Irene and I tried to figure out his name. What made it especially frustrating was he immediately pointed to me and said “You’re David Vo!” then to Irene, “You’re Irene Hung”. So, of course that made us look like jerks for not knowing his name. Finally we figured it out. His name was Wei. It all comes back.

The dinner lasted a really long time. The food was decent. Joyce was super happy. She didn’t know what to do with herself. After we were tired so I dropped Irene off. Then we hung out a bit at Steph’s house, where Ted and I dominated in Monopoly. I tried to get the girls to sing and/or kiss but they wouldn’t. I am not sure why 🙁

Sunday – Went to church. Then had a Mother’s Day lunch at home. Had this noodle soup. It was yummy. Then off to Ronald’s house to meet up with Ted and Ed. We went to Tommy’s since the boys hadn’t eaten yet. I ate a second lunch. Then I went to Costco with Ted and his dad. It was a lot of fun. I am glad I went. Then I took an hour nap in my hot hot room. Then off to Ronald’s house to meet for the movies. Ted, Ryan, Ronald, Steph, and her sister Amy went. The 8:15 showing of Van Helsuck (sorry, Helsing) was sold out. This turned out to be a blessing since it allowed Ed and Claire to show up. We waited around outside for about 20 minutes for Ed and Claire to come. Had some great ego-boosting conversation with Amy. Ed only came to hang out. He had to go home and sleep. Surprise, surprise. So the movie ended and we all agreed it sucked.

Monday – I know this is not the weekend anymore but I figured I’d post anyway. A new intern started at work today. It’ll be interesting. My boss asked me to burn him a 2 Pac CD. He had never heard of him before. Can you believe that? I picked up and installed a bike rack for my Trek 2300. Now it sits next to it’s brother in the garage. My friend Robert came after work to pick up a Vietnamese Sub Sandwhich. Him and his wife love it so much. He took a picture of me with my bike. He just happens to carry his digital camera everywhere. Heheh. I watched some of Chris Rock’s “Never Scared”. I already saw it but it’s funny to watch it again. Plus Kelly started watching. It’s always funny to watch ethnic comedians with white people. You can see them squirm in the corner of your eye.

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