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Sygyzy’s Weekend I have been

Sygyzy’s Weekend
I have been an athletic machine this weekend. On Friday, after work, I went with Brian and his daughter to Inspiration Point. Great view as always. We made good time up the mountain too. Then we went off on a side trail, that we hadn’t seen before, and found a geocache. We rested for a bit and started setting up the network before we went to pick up Indian food. He must eat that cuisine a lot because he was spewing Indian dish names left and right. He ordered SO much stuff. I drove him to go pick it up. It smelled yummy! After eating with his family, I helped Brian setup his wireless network. Unfortunately, his cable modem does that annoying thing where it won’t send the IP information to the router. So he had to wait til the next morning.

Saturday – Alli woke me up and asked if I wanted to go for a ride. Of course, I said yes! I took my mountain bike because my road bike was not ready yet. I gobbled down an oatmeal muffing that Kelly made. That was yummy and much needed because I was going to burn many a calorie. I met her at the bridge and we rode through Goleta Beach, past campus point, through Manzanita, down DP and finally we stopped at Sands beach. Then, Nick called me and asked if I wanted to go the Strawberry Festival. Again, of course I said yes! We hurried back. I took a shower and Nick and Michelle came over. Then Aaron and Colleen. Nick graciously volunteered to drive. We got there, long story short, and ate lots of food. After, we went to Best Buy where everyone bought DVD’s! It was so cool. I bought Season 9 of the X-Files. But David, what about the rest of the seasons? Don’t despair reader, 1-8 are coming soon enough.

Today I did some errands, went to Trader Joe’s for food, and watched Chasing Liberty. Mandy Moore is the hottness. Yes, with two T’s (pronounced Teetees). Boy that was a bad movie though. I was wondering when it’d be over. I do like her style though. I think she definitely can act. The best part is she still does her horny looks really well. Like the tilt the head, bite the bottom lip, and give you puppy eyes look. I had sweet corn, potato and crab soup for dinner as well as some white cheddar garlic bread with sundried tomato hummus dip.

Edit: I forgot to add that I also rode my road bike for the first time. Everything was really good about it. I think I might have to adjust my rear deraileur though because it makes a clanking sound when I shift into the larger gears. Not sure how to do that. Brakes were perfect. Pedals and shoes were good. I think after I get used to it a bit more, I’ll make them lock tighter. A few turns should do.

That’s it!

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