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So yesterday I was watching

So yesterday I was watching Touching the Void and the guy that ended up hanging off the ledge then falling into the crevice had some very interesting commentary.

The thing that stuck out most in my mind is he said he was a very religious person. He was raised Catholic, but since then he has stopped believing in God. His reasoning is that God didn’t help him while he was stuck on that mountain. It’s funny how two people can have different interpretations of something. Many would say it’s an incredible miracle that this guy with a broken right leg was able to get out of an impossible situation. That God must have had a hand in it.

But he felt that God didn’t do anything to help and he was to blame. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt that God put him in that position.

Definitely something to think about. What is He responsible for? Does he put us in bad situations and we are left to fend for ourselves? Or do we mess up and He helps us? Does He affect all or just reaches out sometimes?

Think about it.

2 Responses to “So yesterday I was watching”

  • Well, the book of Job would seem to indicate that He does indeed put people in tight spots. (Or somehow arranges it so the people put themselves in tight spots, which is about the same thing. Unless we need to discuss free will.)

  • I wasn’t quite done yet. I have yet to see Touching the Void, been waiting for the DVD, but I think the guy is crazy. His odds of coming out alive were nil, and yet here he is cursing a higher power. Good job, dumbass.

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