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David Vo’s Memorial Day Weekend

David Vo’s Memorial Day Weekend

What an interesting and varied weekend!

Friday – I was telling everyone at home that I would be back late on Friday. The reason is that traffic always sucks and it doesn’t really save you any time if you leave before 8. This puts everything in a bad spot since by the time I get back it’s too late for dinner. So, usually we are stuck doing something like getting coffee. What a waste of a Friday night. Well this time I decided to take a chance. I left at 7 PM, flew down the 101, and made it back at 8:30. WOW! Then I went to Orchid to pick up some Chicken Satay for dinner. I also got Thai Ice Tea and picked up Clarissa’s mom some dinner (Chicken Pad Thai). The wait was a pain. On the way to the restaurant, I noticed cops all over the place. The oinkers were out in force, probably due to the Memorial Day weekend. I got to Clarissa’s house then after some waiting and indecisiveness, we went over to Steph’s house. Meggie was there and she was trying to get gas. Imagine walking into that! We had a good talk about how girls like male stars that are sensitive. Then we went to Old Town Pasadena and ate appetizers and desert at the Cheesecake Factory. I had so much fun. I don’t think I’ve spent time like that with the three girls in a very long time. Definitely a unique combination.

Saturday – Clarissa had to go to a protest demonstration thing for the ACLU in Westwood. I was going to go but I didn’t know what I would be protesting about so I didn’t. I got a call from her pretty early on when she got back. Turns out that it ended earlier than I had expected. Around noon, I went over to her place and picked her up to get lunch around Hacienda Heights. Lauren was going to play basketball at a high school there so we figure we’d eat around there then we could watch her play. We drove around Azusa, City of Industry, and Hacienda Heights and couldn’t find anything to eat. What crappy towns. Finally, we ended up at Jack In The Box. Everytime I eat there I feel guilty. While we were eating, there was an accident outside. These two young guys in a black Civic hit a couple in a black Jetta. The girlfriend in the victim car was ready to throw down. Her much calmer boyfriend (the driver) had to hold her back. After, we went to the 99 Cent Only store and bought Lauren some napkins.

Then we went to the highschool and watched Lauren and her team play. I got really nervous at the end because they were up by 1. Anytime you are up by one, it’s like a given the other team will win because they will just store a field goal and get 2 points. And that’s exactly what happened. The thing is, one of her teammates had 2 free throws (separate fouls) but missed them both. If she had made even one, they would have gone into overtime. She left the gym crying. I felt bad for her.

After, we went back to Claire’s house where we watched The Triplets of Belleville. I really liked it. I don’t think Claire did since she slept for about 20 minutes of it. Then people started coming over. Ted came right on time too. I was very impressed. We all went down to Paseo Colorado to eat dinner and watch a movie. The brewery had an hour and a half wait so we went to Islands instead. I love Islands! I had the fish tacos and I finished them (save for a tiny bit). I was so proud of myself. I think Steph was impressed too, though she hid it well. Then we went to see The Day After Tomorrow. What an awesome movie. I really liked it. I thought it was extra scary because of the “realness” of it. I didn’t care too much for Jake “Mister Depresso” Gyllenhaal, but I did like his love interest Emmy Rossum.

Sunday – Church was a bust so I went to Steph’s house to meet Ed and her for lunch, early. We went to the CPK in Pasadena. I love that place too! I had the Tequila Lime Chicken. Yummy was the verdict. Steph didn’t eat much. Ed had the same thing as me. We had interesting conversations. It’s weird when I go out with people separately, the conversations are more real and open. But when it’s certain combinations, it’s like I am watching a show. Hard to explain.

After I went back to Steph’s house and we watched some TV. Then Meggie came over and we went to the Glendale Galleria so she could get shoes. Who knew shopping with girls could be so much fun. The best part was the Cheese on a Stick we had and the long conversation that went with it. Again, haven’t had one of those with girls in a long time. You get to gain some pretty interesting insight on the minds of those complex machines.

We came back and I helped Steph make Korean BBQ shortribs. It was not too hard. Then Steph’s dad, the Wise Turtle, brought back dinner. It was some Tofu place I had never heard of. I ate my leftovers from lunch and tried a little bit of everything. Then I went home. Ted came over after he took a shower. Then we went to Ronald’s house to pick him up for The Hat. Edward met us there. We had gravy fries and Orange Bang. YUMMY. Then Ed suggested we watch Shrek 2. Ronald and I were game, but Ted had already seen it so he went home. We tried The renaissance Theatre but they didn’t even show it there. Then we went to Paseo Colorado and they were closed. So we went to Santa Monica to see the “Arlington West” tribute to the fallen Iraqi War soldiers by the pier. I wish I had my camera. It was a very sombering sight. On the way there and back Ed grilled Ronald and I, trying to “clear the air”. I guess he was not very happy with our accusations. He was very excited and yelling the entire time. It was entertaining.

Monday – Edward called and woke me up. He asked me when the BBQ was. I was surprised since he was so adamant about not coming. How interesting. Glad he decided to come though. I got to Joyce’s house first. I am not sure how that is possible considering I was late. I took my sweet old time too. Anyway, soon after Ted came. Then Stephani and Amy. The BBQ was a blast. I had so much fun. Only a few people went swimming though. And even then, it was just lounging around. I guess I can’t really say anything since I can’t swim. But I was hoping to see more people in the pool. It’s always fun to see people participating and having a good time. The food was excellent. We had really good stuff. I normally go to average BBQ’s but this was great. Lots of homemade stuff. Ronald said that he though the bacon wrapped mushrooms were mine because I always think of stuff like that. What a funny guy! Pictures are posted up. Click on the link above.

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