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So today I was tutoring

So today I was tutoring this guy, and his sister gets home from USD. She’s all slutted out. The guy’s mom says, “Oh Kelly, I’m glad you’re here. Now you can talk to Steve about your summer school math class.” Kelly says, “MOM, I’m already late, I have to go to Islands!” Mom responds with, “You can’t go like that. You’re dressed inappropriately.” I pipe in now. “Well, speaking as a guy, it looks fine to me.” Mom gives me a LOOK and says, “Not if she’s applying for a job there!” Mom and slut exit stage left.

I look at my student, Michael, and say, “It’s not so bad, if I were a customer I’d stay longer if all the waitresses looked like that.” He looks at me straightfaced and says, “My sister is a ho.” I, straightfaced also, look him right back in the eye and say, “Stop bragging, not everyone is as blessed as you are.” He cracks up laughing, and now Mom comes back in and makes Steve some cleavage. Oops, I mean a quesadilla!

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