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Slow. Then Fast. Today I

Slow. Then Fast.

Today I woke up about an hour early so I could go to the medical clinic. The whole process took over an hour. I did lots of waiting. First thing they did was ask me some questions. Then I got a tetanus shot (just in case). Then I went to get four x-rays of my left wrist. Then I got a brace and was released. After, I went to pick up the last component of Mido’s Christmas + Birthday present. It’s almost over. I am relieved.

It was hard working today due to my injuries. At lunch, I went with Brian to the Costco area, in his Porsche Boxter S. This is the first time I have ever been in any Porsche, let alone his. It’s pretty fast. He drives really aggressively. I like that. It has a nice rumble, even when you are going slow. So we had Kahuna Grill for lunch. After we went to Costco so he could get a X-Box. I went to get some envelopes at Staples while he went to get toys for Sam at Linens-n-Things.

Before we got back to work, we stopped by his wife’s nursery and I got to pick out a small cactus. A few years ago, he gave everyone in the dept a cactus as a thank you. Well I really liked my cactus plant. I put it out in front of my apartment. Took care of it. Loved it. One day some assholes stole it. Who steals a cactus? They cost like $2, literally! Since then I have been trying to replace it. And today was my lucky day.

Rest of the day was mediocre. I noticed that I get really nervous around hot girls. When they are around, I want to leave. I need to learn how to overcome that. Maybe I’ll ask Ed and Ted their secret.

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