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More tutoring stories. Last week,

More tutoring stories. Last week, I went to a kids house in Newport Beach. He was bitching about the lesson length, so his mom told him that we could only do an hour. I explained to her that the minimum session is an hour and a half, and that they still owed for the other half hour. She said to her son, ok, go upstairs and don’t tell dad I let you do this. Then she goes to a cabinet, grabs a wine bottle and two glasses and sits down at the table across from me. She pours merlot into each glass and offers me one. She says, “I need an adult conversation.” So we talked. Despite the weird situation, I didn’t feel that she was doing anything untoward. At the end, she said, if you ever want to talk like this again, just let me know. YOW! Suffice it to say…

Ok fast forward to yesterday. Same house. I knock on their door and as I am waiting for them to answer, this middle aged, yet trim lady comes jogging up their steps. This is a very nice neighborhood and she’s eyeing me suspiciously, so I introduce myself so she doesn’t think I’m casing the joint. “Hi, I’m Steve, I’m David’s tutor.” Sexpot#1 says, “Oh, you’re that and more.” Then she LOOKS right at my crotch. A direct stare at the giant willy. I still didn’t think too much. So she sort of crowds me, then the lady from last week answers the door, and lets us in. As we walk in, last week lady says, “So, do you want anything to drink?” Sexpot#1 says, “Yes, he’ll have a martini.” We all laugh, and I say, “Well, what do you have?” Sexpot#1 jumps in again, gives me an appraising look, and says, “What was I thinking? Of course you are a double martini man. Two is better than one.” Conversation sort of comes to a halt, as I think, “EWWW.” Then I say, “Do you have any Snapple?” That was the end of the abnormality.


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