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Lakers Suck I am so

Lakers Suck
I am so glad they got their asses handed to them by Detroit. It should have been a four game sweep, if not for the miracle shot by Kobe at the end of Game 2.

I was a bit disappointed in Detroit at the end of the fourth though. The Laker’s cut the lead down from twenty something to like 13. The Pistons barely scored at the end, while the Lakers did.

Another interesting thing was how many fast breaks, steals, and dunks there were. It was just utter embarassment for any Lakers fan. At the same time, it was sheer excitement for any anti-Lakers fan.

What’s worse is the Lakers were the Dream Team. I mean, they didn’t think they could assemble anything better. Every Lakers fan takes comfort in knowing this. That is, until their world was turned upside-down by the Pistons.

I really liked the series. I have never seen two teams that are so active. They are always running around the court, stuff happening so quick it was hard to keep track of what was going on.

All my friends always said that the West always wins the finals. That was until this year. Simply amazing.

The only thing left to finish off the Lakers now is to send Kobe off to prison.

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