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A ‘Magical’ Weekend Friday –

A ‘Magical’ Weekend
Friday – Came back and just hung out at home. Did nothing. Boring.

Saturday – I went to buy socks because I forgot to pack them. Foot Locker had a Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off Sale. I got two pairs for about $11 bucks after tax. Not a bad deal. I got Chicken Malaka (spelled wrong, I know) at Shakas for lunch. Good stuff. Oh, and a spam masubi as well. After, I went to see Dodgeball with Ed in Pasadena. Unfortuntely, parking was a bitch so we got there only a few minutes before the show was about to start. So, we opted to get lunch instead. I already ate so while Edward ate some fast food Chinese, I had ice cream at Coldstone’s. The line was so long that he was done eating when I was paying for my Banana Caramel Crunch. Then we went to Starbucks so Ed could get some coffee. I finished my ice cream while he drank his caramel blended coffee drink.

Later that evening I met Ed and Ted at Ronald’s house to play some video games. They played football on the PS2 while I blasted Charlies in Battlefield Vietnam. Later, I met Clarissa at Steph’s house and we all went to a graduation party in Pasadena thrown by Meggie’s friends. It turned out really well and I had such a great time. The girls can be a lot of fun to hang out with. Lots of alcohol was consumed, which I am always a fan of. We even capped the night off with a late night dinner at IHOP. That turned out to be not the greatest idea because we ended up getting home around 3:30AM. No big deal right? Well no, except for ….

Sunday – We were to meet at 8:45 AM to go to Magic Mountain. Of course most of us were late, including myself. 🙁 We finally got there and had a great time. We went on all the big rides and some oldies but goodies. It was super hot there though. That was the only real downside. I had a great time and probably even got tanner. The night ended with funnel cake, a photo of the girls, and a drive back on the 126 which is very weird. It’s a freeway slash boulevard slash street. You are going 70 then all of a sudden there is a traffic signal. You pass by highway stuff and then through a town complete with malls and car dealerships. Made it back around 10 something and since my internet was (and still is) down, I slept promptly. Good times.

Might add more details later.

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