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Fourth of July Weekend Friday

Fourth of July Weekend

Friday – I came back around 9:30 and nobody was around. I was stuck in traffic for the last 20 mins or so. I called Ted up and he came over and we went to In-N-Out for a late dinner. When we got there, I decided we should eat at Twohey’s (sp?) and Ted agreed. The menu was pretty cool. The place reminds me of Carrows, IHOP, Denny’s, etc. The difference is the food is slightly better and it has a bigger dessert menu. Our waitress, Amanda, was really cute. We had a contest where we had to guess her age, school, and major. We both had good guesses though we don’t know who won since neither of us had the guts to ask her. It took an hour to get our food. We didn’t even order much. I guess that’s what happens when you only have a staff of two waitresses and one cook for a moderately filled restaurant. I didn’t really mind though because, again, she was cute.

Later that night, I sent text messages to everyone asking if they were busy the entire weekend. (Note: I didn’t get a single response!) Anyway, as I lay me down to sleep, I got a call from Ed…but it was Steph! It was a drunken phone call from Ed and Steph. We had a great conversation. I am glad they called.

Saturday – Went biking at Huntington Beach with Ed, Steph, and Amy. I got Ed to try to ride with no hands and he almost fell. It was funny because as soon as he slipped, Steph was already laughing her ass off. You could tell she was ready for it. Later that night, after Ronald got back from work, the boys all went to Pasadena. We ate at the Yard House (my first time!) and then saw Spider-Man 2. Man, that is the movie of the year. SOOOOO good. They even managed to get Kirsten Dunst wet. The movie was perfect. That’s what I love about the new Marvel films – they are right on the mark as far as accuracy (to the comics) goes. It’s a real tribute to comic fans.

Sunday – I dressed up a bit and went to church. I normally never dress up but I figure I might as well just this once. So I get there and only like 30% of the seats are filled. The mass turned out pretty depressing as the priest announced he was not going to be back after the end of the month. Apparently they had some sort of review which involved interviews of some members of the church, and they decided they didn’t want him back. I was very sad. I think I am going to write him a letter to let him know how I feel. After church I had a birthday lunch at home with my family. I asked my mom to make me this Vietnamese beef stew sort of dish. I remembered it because Nick told me about it the last time he was in San Diego. It was so good. Probably the best my mom has ever made. I was really happy to eat it.

Later, Ed and Ted picked me up and we went to Glendale. We got Starbucks, then Best Buy for DVD’s, then the mall. We didn’t buy anything at the mall but I did have an early dinner with some Steak Escape. Yummy.

After dinner, we went to Ted’s house and then to Barnes Park to watch the fireworks. Ted ditched us and Ed and I had to make the trek to the scary park, with the limited lighting, traffic, and thousands of people, by ourselves. Ed’s friend hooked us up with free food. Then we watched the show. Who knew our little town could put on such a spectacle? It was really good. I liked it a lot. We walked back to Ted’s house and hung out a bit with everyone. Then went home.

Monday – Went to the Corner Bakery with Ted, Ronald, Joyce, and Natasha. I like that place. I actually like that entire strip. It has many cool stores. I think I am going to have to back more often to explore it. Went back to Ronald’s and watched tv and sipped some wine. Then I went home and had dinner with my family again. We had this chicken, sticky rice, and slice root (not sure what type of root it was), dish. You eat it by taking a bit of each and putting them in your mouth. It was scrumptious.

My parents bought me some cool presents. I got a birthday card (which I didn’t open yet), boxer shorts, and a multi-pack of Kleenex from Costco. I have to explain that my family has never had much money so when my birthday’s would come, they would get me stuff I would need anyway. For example, say it was about time to replace my shoes. My mom would buy me shoes and say “Hey this is for your birthday in 2 months.” That was when we had money. Now, despite my pleas and insistence that a present is not necessary, they still get me something. I think for some reason they feel bad if they don’t get me something. So the stuff I end up getting are things like I just mentioned. Socks, dress shirts, underwear, contact lens solution, etc.

This time however, something strange happened. I got a wrapped present along with the other items. It struck me as strange since they didn’t bother to wrap the other stuff. So I opened it up and it was a book. Wow. My parents don’t read English books, why would they buy me a book? So I looked at it and it was like looking at an old friend. My dad bought me Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” If you know me, you would know this is my favorite book, ever. I even gave all my friends a copy for Christmas last year. It’s like my life bible and I truly think it can and does make people better. I asked my dad how he knew about it and he said that every week in the Vietnamese newspaper, they posted a tiny excerpt and he thought it was amazing. He was waiting for the Vietnamese translation to come out so he could get it. I was surprised that it wasn’t released yet since the book has been translated to 100’s of not 1000’s of languages already. Anyway, that was pretty sentimental to me because it shows how surprising life can be.

Then I drove back to SB. Lots of cops, but no problems. No traffic either.

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