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What the hell is up

What the hell is up with Blogger?
I posted this long entry and then later I check and it’s gone. Seriously, what’s going on with Google?

Google, the search engine was down. GMail, google’s web-based email was down. Then Blogger, google’s web log service messes up. Not looking good for the IPO Google! But it’s ok, I’d still take a piece of that pie if I had the chance.

Played some poker at lunch today. I think I won. It was fun but very slow moving. Played again tonight where big Alex was the winner. I came in 3rd which would be good at the World Series, but is worthless at my house.

Ordered some shirts and a pair of flipflops from JCrew. Good sale going on.

Nick and I finally found a place. We are moving to Willow Springs toward the end of September. Not only is rent going to be about $300 more than we pay now, we also have to completely furnish the place. Expect to see a very broke David soon.

This past weekend I had so much fun eating. I went to Curry House, some place at The Grove, Claim Jumpers, and the deli at Gelsons Super Market. I also went to IKEA and bought a bunch of stuff. I can’t believe how much random stuff could cost. Just small bathroom accessories.

Back to dinner at the Grove. Steph took me and Claire to this cool cafe. Good ambiance and the server was funny. Conversation throughout the night was strange. It didn’t pick up until about the last 45 minutes of dinner. It’s weird how each group of people within FBT speaks differently to each other. Sometimes it’s like getting caught in the middle of a coded message exchange. Not a bad thing, but not necessarily good either. It does make things interesting.

The other day I saw Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. Man, I really like that guy. He is a very charismatic speaker. Sure he has writers working for him, but the delivery … just wow.

They announced the summer retreat for work on this past Monday. Drumroll please…

We are going to Refugio State Beach, just south of Santa Barbara, for 2 days of kayaking, frolicking in the water and other life threatening activities. Great. Just great.

Tomorrow, the lunatics at work want to go on a time trial course. Yeah, at lunch, just for fun. Today I tried to do it and didn’t even finish. I turned around prematurely. I am not going to even try tomorrow. It’s too hardcore for me. I normally do about 7 miles each time I ride. The time trial would be about 5 miles there, plus 10, plus 5 miles back. 20 miles on a lunch break. Are you kidding me?


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