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White Castle Weekend How’s it

White Castle Weekend

How’s it going everyone? What did I do this weekend?

Well I went on a nice ~18 mile bike ride with Waldman. You can check out our adventures on his webpage. Notice I rode a bit less than him because he had to ride from his house over. We did the Echelon (sp?) time trial course. The additional distance is the time it takes to get over there. My goal is to do it under 30 mins. That would be pretty good. The hardcore guys at work do it in like 28 minutes. That means they have an average speed of 23 mph. I think I average 17 mph, though I can’t be completely sure without a cycling computer.

I have really never been too interested in art, but recently I started collecting artwork by Alex Ross. If any of you have seen or read Kingdom Come, you’ll recognize Ross’s beautifully painted work. It’s sort of going backwards considering, nowadays, a lot of comic art and coloring are done with advanced computers.

So far I have three pieces:

1. Signed Batman piece.
2. Signed Astro City piece
3. Superman piece with signed card

By the end of this week, I will probably have doubled or tripled my collection. You don’t need to tell me, I know. I go headstrong into things.

Incidentally, I just went to get the Astro City piece custom framed. Do you know how much framing costs? Many times the cost of the print. It’s ridiculous, a crime really. I went to see Dennis, my friend and co-worker Scott’s friend. Unfortunately, he was on vacation. I dealt with this nice and cute girl instead. I forgot her name. Anyway, I was hoping to talk to Dennis, drop some names and hopefully get a discount.

I went to see Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle with Michelle, Nick, and Aaron. It was a funny movie. I am glad I saw it.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about why we are nice to people. Is it because we are nice people or because we really want something more. Or is it a result of residual feelings. Or maybe it’s an attempt at drawing out that better friend that you hope and wish is deep inside that person.

So, we’ll take myself, for example. I tend to think of myself as an extra nice guy. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I like to see people happy. To see them smile or to make their day is a good feeling to me. But where is the line drawn? I’ve paid for lunches. Same with a drink or maybe a movie pass. Or I’ll take months putting together the pefect present or event. What is it that I am trying to accomplish? Is it a strengthening of the friendship? Well possibly, but that is probably not the most effective way of doing it. Often, it’s the person that pays the least attention and is the most “average” that garners the respect and adoration of friends. It’s the whole bad boy scenario we are all too familiar with.

So then, why? Why do people (like myself) continue to be extra nice. Notice I said “extra.” There isn’t a problem with being nice. It’s the extra-ness that costs money, time, and is an emotional investment. Sometimes I stop myself because I wonder if I am doing things because I really want to or because subconsciously I am trying to get something else out of it.

The tough part is that I don’t sit there and say “I am going to buy Joe a shirt because I want him to take me to the game.” I just think “I am going to buy Joe a shirt because he’d like that.” So I am sort of fooling myself.

Are you confused yet? I am.

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