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Olympic poker is something we

Olympic poker is something we need. Combining a women’s bikini event with poker is something I wouldn’t be averse to, but come on people! I can’t be the only one who has seen the pictures of the empty Olympic stadiums. It’s because 99% of the events are boring. (Greece is reputed to have a certain disgusting odor about it, but Olympic attendance has been continuously declining, so that can’t entirely account for it.) Like I care about some stupid event where we saw people pass batons or high jump. Also see: high diving, weightlifting, etc. I’d much rather watch a Street Fighter 2 championship match, not to mention a poker event.

I say that the Olympics are quickly reaching a point where they are no longer relevant. Why the HELL are NBA players competing in the basketball event? I thought these were supposedly amateur games? I’m glad they got their asses kicked by a team from a bass-ackwards territory.


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