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Flashlights I really like them.


I really like them. You should too. It’ll lighten you up.

[L-R: Firefly II, Longbow Micra, Surefire E2E, Mr. Bulk’s VIP, Elektrolumens XM-2, Luxeon III Minimag, Luxeon III 3-D Mag.]

2 Responses to “Flashlights I really like them.”

  • Do you get your flashlights from brightguy?!

  • Actually no, but they are a great place to buy from. They have so many kinds.

    Most of my flashlights are custom made ones that you’ll only find by buying directly from the maker. These are not companies. They are single machinists and scientists who create their own products. Even the two maglites you see are heavily modified. They are both running 3W Luxeon LED’s, not the standard incandescent bulbs.

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