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Why? I am really inquisitive


I am really inquisitive because that’s the only way I have found to be effective in maintaining a good conversation flow. People love to talk but they are too self-conscious to do so. The best way to get this inner demon out of them so to prompt them with questions. Give them a “What, when, where, why, or how” and the floodgates open up.

What really annoys me though, is people that ask “Why?” in response to a question. What answer could they possibly expect in return besides the obvious – Because I want to know.

Example –

Adam: Hi Eve. It’s a nice day out. What time did you get up?
Eve: Why?
Adam: Because I wanted to get an idea of your schedule so I could know when to stop by and kill you.


The answer is because Adam was just curious. That’s almost always the answer. The best is when you ask people that you have been friends with for years what their address or phone number is. They ask you, “Why?” Why do you think you dumb sonuva?

Why questions are good … for me to poop on!

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