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Weekend Update: Sin City Thursday

Weekend Update: Sin City

Thursday – Drove back Thursday night and went directly to Ronald’s house. We went to the Hat and had a great conversation about FBT and Vegas drama. What would FBT be without drama? Then we went back to his house and hung out.

Friday – Woke up and went to get a haircut. Normally my mom calls my barber and makes an appointment but she was in Alaska so that didn’t happen. I just showed up and the lady was surprised I didn’t call and said to come back an hour later. So I had an hour to kill. I went to WAMU and made a large withdrawl for the trip. Then I drove back and got my haircut. I also managed to call Steph at work during this time to reaffirm our lunch outting. I took a shower and then went to Victory. I was pretty surprised she suggested that restaurant. We had a good conversation about work and more FBT drama. Lunch was longer than I expected. I didn’t care since I took the day off, but Steph needed to get back to work.

Later, around 4PM, Ronald came to pick me up. We went to his house and hung out. The plan was to run errands with Steph then meet up with everyone at 6:30 to leave. Things actually got pretty confusing and we ended up leaving a bit later than expected (around 7PM). People were pretty upset which was unusual since we ended up leaving 30 mins later than expected. The big lag in the system was the slow cog Ronald. I think Ed got pretty worked up about that. Funny stuff. The last thing we did before we left was stop by Bank of America so Ronald could take care of some business. While we were waiting, Ted sent me a funny text message. That really set the trip off on a good moood.

Finally we were off. The first 45 minutes of the trip was in bad traffic on the 10. It was scary with Ronald on the phone with credit card companies trying to juggle the phone, a paper with information, and driving. When that all settled down, we drove for a bit then the fun started when we went to the 15 North. We started playing “The Million Dollar Game.” I’ll explain it to everyone since I invented the game and nobody outside the group really knows about it, though I guess there are variations. The idea is you ask a person or persons a scenario that is unfavorable but you offer them money or objects to do it. For example: “Would you go on a date with someone with the same sex for one night if I gave you $500 and the date was paid for?” That is of course a tame one and not for much money. You have to be careful to be conservative because the name of the game is how low will sopmeone go. If you offer $1 million for everything then the game becomes uninteresting really quick. The best part of the game is that Ronald comes up with really weird scenarios. First he gives you a really bad situation, then he tops it off with some funky addition. Example: “Would you get castrated with a dull knife … AND the doctor is wearing a Santa outfit?” Total strangeness.

We ended up beating Ed, Claire, and Ted to Vegas because they spent nearly an hour at In-N-Out. I am not sure how anyone could take an hour to eat that, but there are many things I don’t understand about people. We checked in first and got to the room and waited for them. They showed up shortly after and thus began our first night in Vegas.

First thing we did was walk to the Aladdin and eat at the Zanzabar Cafe. I guess we did this because it is some sort of tradition with the girls. I ordered a quesadilla that was pretty pricey ($10), or so I thought. It ended up being TWO huge quesadillas with yummy fillings (steak, two types of cheese, mushrooms, etc). I ate one third of it and was stuffed. I was not too hungry to begin with. The guys started off their gambling while the girls and I ate.

Then we went back to the casino and sleep came soon after.

Saturday – We woke up early and went to the bungee jumping place right in front of Circus Circus. It was really cool seeing people jump. It didn’t seem as high as I expected but probably would seem even higher if I was up top. After, we came back to the casino and called Ronald for lunch at Cafe Lago, located right next to the pool. They seated us in the back. They had the worst service ever. The food sucked ass too. I had ribbon pasta with mushrooms, parmesean, and truffle oik. I make ten times better pasta at home. This thing was greased up too and that’s normally a plus in my book, but it wasn’t enough to save this dish. So now I was 0-2 for food.

After we filled up on the horrible service and food, we went back to our rooms to change for the pool. Then we went to the pool. I tried to sunbathe. Keyword: Tried. The sun was setting right then so I think we got in 15-20 minutes. I went in the water and it was quite warm. I didn’t swim of course. Then I went back to the deck. Then invited Claire to the jacuzzi. That thing was really hot but relaxing. I can’t wait to use the one at my new apartment. It’s going to be so much fun this winter. The guys went off to the Venus Pool. They kept telling me “We’re going to the Venus Pool” and I never understood why they were being so specific. I learned yeterday that the Venus Pool was the topless portion of the pool area. If I had known, I would have not wasted my time in the hot tub. Oh well, ’tis life.

There was a good amount of slackage after that. Claire even changed back into pajamas. You know there is trouble when someone does that. After what seemed like forever, we finally were ready. We went to Bellagio and had dinner at Cafe Bellagio. It’s strange because it really was just a cafe, somewhere you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner. Every casino has one. It’s where you make a quick pit stop inbetween blackjack runs. But at the Bellagio everything is fancier and pricier. I just had a steak sandwhich. It was not bad. I think I should have sprung for the steak. I had some of Claire’s and it was yummy. The crabcake benedict that Steph got was good too but a bit too salty. I would have ate it though. They had a great creme brulee which was actually three types – raspberry, chocolate banana, and vanilla (original). I think I liked them in that order, reversed. Here’s a tip to any future pastry/dessert chefs – never ever put any sort of fresh fruit in any custard or creme dessert. What happens is water is stored inside the fruit and slowly releases around it, preventing the custard from setting. So when you take a spoon to it, you get a pocket of air/water and a wet custard. Disgusting.

Much to someone’s dismay, Ronald decided not to go to a club with us. That gave Ed the excuse he needed and they were off to gamble. Steph, Ted, Clarissa, and I made our way to Ra at Luxor. Along the way we passed by Paris where they were handing out free pases to Risque. It must have been a crappy club or why else would they give out free pases. Since we were there already, we decided to check it out. After 15 minutes, we realized this was not a cool club at all. We decided to make our way to our original destination – Ra. Along the way we asked people for directions to the monorail (which had only been built a few months previous and linked all the major casinos). Hotel staff were nice enough to point us in the right direction. Only after we walked across the entire casino and were close to the rail station, did a worker tell us that the monorail had been shut down indefinitely. I later learned that a wheel had fallen off. Talk about shoddy construction.

By now, we had some upset people in our group. Upset and tired. And it was getting late. So we decided to go to Light at Bellagio. We went across the street and went to Light. Unlike other clubs, Light does not have an organized line. Everyone just crowds in a half circle around the entrance while knucklehead power-tripping bouncers in suits walk around and point to you if you get in. What is their criteria? Is it first come first serve? How about most nicely dressed? Nope. It’s if you are female and attractive. Everytime one of the bouncers walked by, everyone would waive at them hoping to get in. And everytime, they would point to some pretty girl in a short skirt and let them in.

We made our way to the second row and met three guys. Two African-American guys and this white guy trying to get in with a crisp Jackson for the bouncers. One of the “brothers” pulled Steph and Claire to the front of the line. He apologized and explain that he wasn’t interested in them but needs them to get us in. Now our group was 2 girls and 5 guys. When Steph told the bouncer this, he said “Two girls, five guys? You are going to be here a while.” Undeterred, we recruited two more girls (and their male companion) to increase our estrogen count. One of them was so incredibly beautiful. I hurt standing next to her.

After another half hour of insanity, we decided enough was enough and left. We turned around and walked 30 feet to the entrance of Caramel, Bellagio’s free and lineless lounge/bar. Just 20 minutes and 2-3 drinks later, Steph was tired so we left and went back to Casesar’s.

When we got back, we convinced Ed and Ronald to meet us downstairs at Shadow. We got more drinks and they played roulette. It seems everyone won that night. We finally made our way upstairs where there was some more drunken fun. Ted stole my bed and I ended up sleeping on the floor next to the window.

Sunday – In the morning I was awoken by loud whispering. It’s funny, when you hear a repetitve sound like an alarm or phone ring, you can tune it out. But when people are talking, you *have* to listen. So I laid there upset my much needed sleep was interupted and listened. I shouldn’t have…

Steph and Ed left to get coffee because they all wanted it bad. I woke up and got ready. They came back with coffee while we were watching a special on Ninjas. Good stuff. Then the girls and I went downstairs to checkout. The guys met us downstairs after. We left and made our way to Aladdin for lunch. When we got there, it was really hard to find parking. Of course Ed found parking right away. He has the best luck with parking. Ronald, Steph, and I met the rest of the gang in front of Zanzabar’s Cafe, the same place we had for dinner on our arrival night. For some reason, people didn’t want to eat there again, so the guys went off to find another place to eat. They gave me a call and said they had found a seafood place to eat in the shopping area. The name escapes me now. So we made our way there and had some good food. Ted, Ronald, and I shared raw oysters. I haven’t had it in so long. I also had Lobster Bisque which was very salty. I left still hungry.

Ronald and I went to the Eddie Bauer store and bought two pairs of jeans each. I love Bauer jeans. They are so comfortable. Then we got some gelato. I got mango. I should have got pistachio but only realized this after I tasted Ted’s.

Finally, we were on our way back home. We stopped at Buffalo Bill’s to ride Despardo. Ted and I didn’t ride it and just waited for them. I’ve rode it plenty of times and it is pretty painful because it bangs you back and forth.

Then we went next door to the Factory Outlets. I went to town at Quiksilver and Banana Republic. Interestingly enough, I saw an Old Navy outlet there. Isn’t that just a bit ironic? YOu can get shorts at a normal Old Navy store for about $10. How much are they at the outlet? $5? Geez.

A few more hours in the car, a few dozen Million Dollar Game questions later, and we were stopped at the In-N-Out. I got a cheeseburger and a vanilla milkshake. So yummy. Another yummy part of that visit were the cute girls eating there.

Ronald and I talked the rest of the drive back while Steph slept in the back. He dropped her off first and I accompanied him to McDonald’s where he got food. I got a fruit and walnut salad. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was since it was the first time I ever tried it. We ate and talked at his house for a few hours and then he dropped me off.

The End

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