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The Tipping Point – Part

The Tipping Point – Part 2
I actually finished the book last night so this is going off memory 100%. Today’s topic is about negative events in society that tip because they are inspired by current events. Researchers did a bunch of work to see if there is any connection between the number of similar crimes in an area increased after a major event occured. I never thought of this connection, but it’s a pretty logical conclusion if you think about it.

Well guess what they found? That there was a clear correlation. On days that there are single car (read: suicide) accidents, the number of single car accidents increased many times. When school shootings made the news, that year, Columbine copycats shot up their classmates all over the country.

Basically, the theory is that people who are going to comit these acts want to do so anyway but they are cowards. The moment they see someone else do it, all of a sudden it is sort of like getting permission. You might want to cut in line but you are afraid to. But if your friends all do it, it’s like you are party of a club. A club of line-cutters. Same goes with suicide, murder, etc.


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